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The Psychohistorian

Warren J. Dew

warren j. dew
I was born in 1960, and grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, Taipei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong (then a British crown colony). I went to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a Navy ROTC scholarship, and on graduation in 1981 was assigned to Naval Reactors for six years of active duty. I stayed in the Washington DC area until 1990, when I moved to the Boston, MA area, where I have lived ever since.

In Boston, I worked for a consulting firm, Devonrue, Ltd., for six years developing predictive market models for the telecommunications industry. In 1996, I switched to contract software engineering, which I'm still doing. Most of my work has been in embedded systems and Java web applications, though I dabble in game development in my spare time.

In 2000, I married greyautumnrain, and we have three children: Margaret, in 2008, Duncan, in 2010, and Martin, in 2012. My hobbies include ballroom dance and gaming.