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The · Psychohistorian

Detention after acquittal

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You know the indefinite detention without trial I complained about? How would you feel about indefinite detention with trial - even after an acquittal?

That's what would have been allowed under a Senate amendment that was set to pass on a voice vote yesterday. Fortunately, Rand Paul - one of the 7 senators who had just voted against the detention without trial - insisted on a roll call vote. At that point, a bunch of the 93 statist senators chickened out and voted against the amendment, and it failed, 41-59:


Personally, I find it quite frightening that even 41 senators could vote in favor of such a thing.

I don't normally suggest specific organizations, but in this case, I will mention a couple of options. Even if you don't contribute money, being on their email lists may help you stay informed and help out with emails or phone calls to your elected representatives. Note that both of these organizations may be considered extreme by some, but perhaps Goldwater was right when he said, "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice."

With a "liberal" slant, the ACLU:

With a "conservative" slant, the Campaign for Liberty:
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