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The · Psychohistorian

Nonislamic terrorism

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Many of us are quick to point out that just because a few muslims are terrorists doesn't mean that all muslims should be treated with suspicion. But maybe that's not what we should be pointing out. I was surprised to find out that, measured by the number of terrorist acts, muslims are among the minor players. It turns out that terrorism is perpetrated by people from a broad range of demographic groups. Here are percentages from FBI statistics on terrorism in U.S. territory for 1980-2005:

Communists 5%
Islamic Extremists 6%
Jewish Extremists 7%
Others 16% (includes some right wing extremists like McVeigh)
Extreme Left Wing Groups 24% (for example the Animal Liberation Front)
Latino 42%

I guess we're just lucky that most loonies don't get hold of airliners.

The page containing the breakdown, which I spot checked:

The FBI page with the original list of incidents at the bottom:
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