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Web site randomness

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A couple months ago, I went through my Apache logs to check if a friend had downloaded an updated program I'd written. While browsing through the logs, I noticed that one of Margaret's picture pages was being hit several times a day. The page was this one:


I knew Margaret was a cute baby, but there are a lot of baby pictures on the web, some almost as cute as Margaret. I tried a few google searches, but couldn't find that page on any of them. Since most of the hits were coming from overseas - places like Russia and Turkey - I figured maybe some overseas search engine was driving the limited traffic. However, I signed up for google analytics anyway.

Well, google has now had enough time to collect statistics. It turns out some of the clicks - probably half or more, maybe all - are coming through google after all. However, they're coming through queries I hadn't thought of. The majority of her search impressions come through some variant of "baby gym", where she's about 40th on google image search. She's also about 40th on "sleeping mom", though that rises to 17 if you turn safe search to moderate - which I recommend if you're checking that particular search out - and disappears if you turn it to strict, which apparently disallows naked upper arms.

Some even rarer searches are probably also contributing - she's 9th on "happy baby yoga", both 8th and 10th on "baby sleeping in car seat", and 1st on "baby white dress". I guess most people don't let their babies wear dresses.
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On May 1st, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC), izmirian commented:
Yeah, at one point we were looking at our website statistics and many of the hits were coming from people searching for "Jell-O cake" because our recipe had become strangely popular via Google, I guess.
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