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I know there are some homeowners who read this blog, so I figured this might be of interest.

We recently got a new kind of attic insulation installed by NewPro. It is a half inch layer of fiber batting sandwiched between two layers of aluminized mylar. Instead of being installed on the floor of the attic, as old style attic insulation is, it is attached to the bottom of the rafters. Air still circulates below the roof, but above this insulation layer.

It costed us about $5000, which if it performs as advertised, results in a payback period of about five years. So far, it does seem to be taking a significant load off the air conditioners. If you haven't used your energy efficiency tax credit yet, that will pay for the first $3000. And, of course, the energy conservation helps the environment.

For anyone interested who hasn't called them yet, I can give you the number of my salesman. Or, give me your contact information and I'll pass it along to them, for which I get brownie points, and they'll call you.
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