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The · Psychohistorian

Politics today

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It's interesting to note that the techniques used by Scott Brown to win the Senate election earlier today - savvy use of the internet and emphasizing his personality while keeping his positions vague - were the same as those used by Obama in 2008. Indeed, they were both running against a Washington administration headed by an unpopular president who was mucking up the economy with big bailouts and such.

Obama, of course, quickly slid into the politics of exclusion, working solely with the Democratic congressional majorities. It will be interesting to see if Brown can avoid that fate.

One good sign may be that Brown's victory speech seems very nonpartisan:


Jennifer Nassour, the Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman, tried to strike a bipartisan note, too:
Tonight's historic, come-from-behind victory by Senator-elect Brown will serve as a blueprint for our Republican candidates running in Massachusetts in 2010 and beyond. His relentless focus on fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and a promise to serve as an independent voice for Bay Staters resonated with not only Republicans, but also independents and Democrats who are tired of politics as usual and one-party rule. It is my sincere hope that Senator-elect Brown will be seated immediately so that he can roll up his sleeves for Massachusetts, and work toward continuing Senator Kennedy's legendary constituent services.

Of course, words are not actions. We'll see how things go.
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