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The · Psychohistorian

15 month checkup

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Margaret's measurements at 15 months were 47 cm head circumference, 30.5 inch height, 21 lb 14 oz. I knew she was getting heavier!

The head measurement is about 80th percentile for girls, height about 55th percentile, weight about 35th percentile. The formula is making her a little less slim than she was on breast milk, but it doesn't seem to be making her fat.

Margaret was better behaved on the scale, probably because we let her sit up. She kept pushing against the nurse with her feet on the length measurement - maybe she wanted to be taller. She really doesn't like the head measurement and kept pushing the tape measure off; I'm not sure why she objected so much.

The doctor mentioned that at this age the babies generally start disliking the doctor's office because they remember getting prodded and poked. Margaret objected only when the stethoscope was on her, and of course when when the vaccines were being injected.

I don't think it was a case of her having forgotten, though. On her way out, I asked her to say goodbye to the doctor, and the doctor seemed really surprised and happy when she smiled at him. When she went by the office of the nurse who had given her the vaccines, though, she squeezed up against the far wall of the corridor and walked by very quietly. It was really cute.
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