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The · Psychohistorian

34 days

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A month ago, Kofi Annan was "profoundly disappointed" that the Security Council took 34 days to come up with resolution 1701, which resulted in an immediate cease fire in Lebanon. He then took on the job of finding 15,000 U.N. troops to deploy to help ensure that the area stayed peaceful.

Well, he's had more than 34 days himself now, and he's still 11,000 troops short. France pulled out of their promise to lead the force because they correctly viewed the dual chain of command - with actions at all levels requiring approval by a separate representative of the Secretary General - as a recipe for paralysis. Italy stepped in when the Secretary General's office backed down on that requirement, but only a couple thousand Italian troops were volunteered. Annan hasn't been able to scrape up much more since then. His solution seems to be to put Syria in charge of the border and have them keep themselves from smuggling weapons in to Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, the cease fire has held - so far - largely on the strength of resolution 1701, and on the agreement by all parties that the resolution's backers took the time to get.

Looks to me like the problem at the U.N. isn't the Security Council, after all.
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