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The · Psychohistorian

Is Obama Bush?

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Bush entered office at the start of an economic downturn. His solution was record deficits. The record won't last long, though. Obama, also entering office during an economic downturn, has the same solution: even bigger record deficits.

Meanwhile, the one thing Obama does agree with the Republicans on is continuing to prohibit Medicaid spending for family planning programs. Honestly, the religious right ought to have been happy with a provision leaving that decision up to individual states, given a Democratic government which could easily have required all states to have such programs. Instead, the religious right gets to continue to dictate a morality that encourages people have unwanted kids, paying for them with money taken away from people who have kids they really want.

Now, Bush did make some good decisions too. I just hope Obama does also.


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On January 28th, 2009 11:17 pm (UTC), jonicatfight commented:
Yes, well...I heard Pelosi on Day to Day yesterday and she didn't do a great job of emphazising the need for family planning and prevention programs. But I digress, I work in social service (and am therfore obviously a democrat) and definitely see a need for these programs. They cost a little up front but the savings are monumental in the long run. I live in CA and we do fund quite a bit of family planning and prevention (or we did until we went broke...)

And yes, it irks me that I have to fund other people's children whilst I have to also pay $20,000+ to have one of my own.
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