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The · Psychohistorian

Iran's economy

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With the U.N. security council turning its attention back to Iran, and with economic sanctions on the table, I thought I'd look at what Iran's economy was like to try to figure out whether this seemed likely to work.

As expected, Iran's major export is oil. Iran's biggest single import, though, was a surprising to me: it's gasoline. Hm ... why are these guys focusing on nuclear power, peaceful or otherwise, when what they need is refinery capacity for oil they already have?

Seems like the oil money is financing the pet projects of the mullahs and the political elite, while the majority of the population faces inflation, unemployment, and declining standards of living. It'll be interesting to see if the security council can come up with something that will actually put pressure on those in power, rather than just increasing the suffering of the general population.

Here's one of the more interesting of the articles I came across:

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