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The · Psychohistorian

Why I read multiple news sources

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The (London) Times Online announces in a headline today, "North Korea removed from U.S. 'axis of evil'". But the actual article says the U.S. "is to" remove them from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Somehow past and future tenses seem to have become synonymous when I wasn't looking.

The New York Times manages to get the tense right, saying "U.S. to Take North Korea Off Terror List" - but the substance of the headline is still wrong. As it turns out, what's actually happening is that Korea is providing a declaration of their nuclear program for the U.S. to review. The U.S. has rejected such a declaration in the past, so while it might be accepted this time, something the article neglects to mention. Also, the article is about an announcement by China, not by the U.S.

I had to go to the Phillipines Inquirer to find a more reasonable headline of "North Korea hands over nuclear declaration - China". Their article also mentions the interesting tidbit that the declaration is "not believed to include a list of its atomic weapons", something the other sources overlooked.

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Recommended reading if you really want to understand the situation:

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